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Karen W.

Employee Benefit Guides & Misc. HR employee communications

Kim does amazing work. She makes us look good! She takes our ideas and our words and makes them look top notch! We are the masters of "one more change"....and she does them all expertly, quickly and without complaint!! I highly recommend Kim and Loud Mouse Designs! - Karen Wilkins, Waffle House, Inc.

Cindy S.

Website Design & Optimization and Print Design

Kim has good vision and knows how things should be presented in order to captivate an audience, important for website design! Kim has the tools up her sleeve to use for making things more efficient. She listens to your clients well and understand their needs and does what is in her power to keep them satisfied.

Alex F.

Website & Print Design, SEO, Online Systems Setup, SMM

Kim patiently wades through what is important and trivial, and then creates an agenda that meets my needs. She communicates her plan to me and is very responsive.

Kristine S.

Website & Print Design

Kim has creativity, a desire to help others, and an eye for design. I come to you for business support and friendship. Business cards, websites, other materials, and marketing brainstorming.

Michelle E.

Website & Print Design

Kim has an incredible eye for design that applies to business goals not just ‘pretty.’ She has the ability to read people beyond the surface persona and inspire them based on what truly matters. Kim is an all around advisor to me. I come to discuss business challenges as an entrepreneur, marketing challenges for clients, and personal struggles. I find she always give thoughtful well rounded feedback considering all sides whether it’s business or personal and my trust that information will never be shared is total.

Watson M.

Website & Print Design (logo, business cards)

Kim is a strong listener, has great attention to detail, and is insanely focused.

Catherine P.

Website, Social Media Management (SMM), and Print Design (cards)

Great marketing concepts and ideas... takes a load off! You just handle it- thank goodness!

You write a fabulous newsletter that I could and would never complete! Not to mention do all the daunting tasks that I just don't like to do but they have to get done, and you do them very well.


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